In a society like ours, Sex is a topic that has been a challenge to give words to. Let's face it - we all love it, are curious about it and the insatiable hunger only grows. That's the beauty of it.

Domina is all about encouraging YOU to take charge of your sexual health and to talk about it without any fear or shame.

No more taboos.
No more beating around the bush.
No more clichés.

We strongly believe it’s time to change the narrative and let sexual pleasure and wellness take the centre stage.
The Pleasure Playbook by Domina is an online platform with an aim to build and grow a safe community for all, where they can hold conversations and express themselves freely on topics such as sex, health and wellness.
And here's what we pledge - there will be no room for judgement because together we are going to go bold and sexy and indulge in all things that bring Pleasure!!!

Join our community and together let's break the barriers and make this a normal topic of discussion.