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Sweet Nothings and New Spots

Sweet Nothings and New Spots

There’s something so beautiful about lovemaking, but it might get redundant if you do not take it outside your bedroom. Just this thought can spice up your romantic life by leaps. And let’s be honest, it is not something you have not thought about. Start by talking to your partner or surprise them. Such spontaneity and surprises are always welcome as these can blow your partner’s mind off! You can always explore having sex in different places, but if you are too shy rather start by doing it in areas inside your house. And if you are looking for some ideas, you’ve landed at the right place.

Here’s how and where you can heat up your intimate life:

The Bathroom

Bathing together is one of the most romantic things out there. Two unclothed bodies are enough to turn up the heat and what comes next is, of course, crazy. The possibilities are endless, and your bathroom mirror can make you go wild as you can see yourself in action. And trust me, it is so sensual that you cannot get enough of it. 


Living Room Floor

It is time you take Netflix and CHILL seriously. The next time you plan to watch a movie at home, camp out under a blanket on the floor and make your move. I assure you, it’s as sensual as it can get.

The Kitchen

Plan to cook together, and well, it doesn’t take long for a cooking plan to turn into a night that can knock your socks off. Use the kitchen counter, the dining table, or the kitchen island. You can face each other, wrap your legs around your partner’s buttocks, or bend down on the surface and let your partner take you from behind. Either way, it’s going to be fun for you. Or try both the positions and see what works for you best. 

In Front of the Glass Window

Are you conscious of looking at your body while doing it? Well, don’t worry, there’s an answer to that too. Pick a spot in front of the glass window overlooking the lights, city, pool, or garden. You can both face the window, and let the reflection do the rest. It’s one of the most romantic things there is! 

Who knows, it might turn a boring night into the most fun night! 😉

On the Couch

The couch might be one of the most underrated places to make love. But it is comfortable and can be just the place to try numerous positions. This is the only place where you get all the support you need and get more, if necessary, thanks to all the cushions. 

The Balcony 

Nothing can be more beautiful and erogenous than making love under the stars. We have seen enough movies about the same and have dreamt about doing it. So, wait no longer and take it out onto your balcony. It’s not a public space and yet out enough to get your heart racing, pupils dilated, and libido running. You never know; this might be your best experience yet!

Ignite that passion and excitement in one another by just taking it outside your bedroom and a little external help such as lubes, stimulant oils, massage oils, and Couple Card Games. Plunge into the world of Domina and get the loudest OOHs when you make use of Dominatrix Couple Card Game Set, Domina Erotik, Domina Evoke. These products will only help you take your sex life up a notch and warm you up for other forms of love too and trust me, that doesn’t hurt anybody. Won’t you agree?



This Blog is Written by Smita Bagwadi

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