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3 Ways to Restore Vaginal pH Naturally Keep Your Vagina Healthy & Safe From Infections!

3 Ways to Restore Vaginal pH Naturally Keep Your Vagina Healthy & Safe From Infections!

Keep Your Vagina Healthy & Safe From Infections! 

Why are pH levels so crucial when it comes to vulvas and vaginas? Because maintaining the right pH prevents internal bacterial infections. Remember the first time you learned about pH levels in chemistry class? The body usually maintains the pH, which is between acidic and basic. Ever thought of maintaining a pH level for your vagina?

 Acidic or Basic Variations in Vaginal pH

The pH ranges from 0 to 14, moving from acidic to neutral to alkaline (or Basic). Vaginal pH varies during the course of a lifetime, pH is rather neutral (6-7), while it tends to be acidic in teenage and adulthood (3.8 –4.5). This slightly acidic position helps the body naturally fight vaginal and vulvovaginal infections.

3 Factors That Alter Vaginal pH

1- Hello, Period My Old Friend!

Premenstrual and menstrual phases are the time when you should pay your vagina redundant attention as the threat of bacterial imbalance is higher. Menstrual blood is somewhat basic in nature, which causes the pH in the vaginal area to rise. When blood runs through the vaginal canal and is absorbed into a tampon or pad and remains standing, the pH of the vagina rises.

2- Let’s Talk About Intimacy!

The Sperm has a slightly alkaline pH which is between 7 and 8. This is why penetrative activity without a condom might change vaginal pH and produce the right conditions for bacterial growth. Yet another reason to have safe and pleasurable sex with Domina Female Condoms.

Safe romance is the best romance. If you know what we mean! 😉


3- In Sickness and in Health!

One can get UTI from unclean bathrooms which will lead to disruption of your vaginal pH levels. You should also take into account that changing pH levels could also be one of the side effects if you’re on antibiotics. How do you know when your pH falls outside the optimal range? Itching, foul odor, and mild lump(s). The good news is that there are several natural remedies to restore pH balance. Some are – Buttermilk, Sourdough bread, Fermented sauerkraut, and Miso soup.

Can You Measure Vaginal pH?

There are simple tests you can do at home by using the Pee Safe vaginal pH screening kit. Testing yourself might be helpful if you’re passing urine with pain.  While home tests won’t be suitable to let you know in case of any infections, they will be a good index of vaginal health and the sign that you might need to conduct further tests and do a complete check-up.

How to Restore Vaginal pH: Tips & Prevention

While you should always talk to an expert when it comes to implicit infections, there are many general tips you might want to apply alongside a medical treatment or as precautionary. It is suggested to take probiotics and food supplements. Probiotics help maintain optimal pH levels and promote a healthy microbiome. Vaginas are self-cleaning, while vulvas need water and applicable products. The key learning here is to develop good bacteria, not to get rid of them.



Watch What You Eat! 

Vulvas and vaginas feel it too. Excessive consumption of sugar can hamper the pH balance. Fruits such as avocados, apples, and flax seeds. Vegetables including garlic, onions, raw leeks, and especially yogurt, are full of probiotics and act as great assistants.

Watch What You Wear!

Wear cotton undergarments and avoid tight apparel. Cotton is natural and permeable, making it perfect for everyday use. Wearing synthetic fabrics increases the threat while wearing tight clothes might also promote UTIs, ingrown hair, and indeed induce infections.


Leave the Stress at the Door!

However, the vagina’s vulnerable system might be weakened if we deal with stress or anxiety. Find your balance, whether it’s through exercise, contemplation, or a massage session with Domina Evoke to relax your mind and release stress and anxiety. Common sense can go a long way in protecting the health of your vagina and vulva. Clean your vagina properly from front to back with the help of tissue to avoid any infections.

Having a vagina is an amazing feeling, perhaps it takes a lot of work to keep it healthy and thus happy. By following the guidelines that we have shared with you and by being further apprehensive of effects similar to pH levels, you’re one step closer to a lifetime of intimate health and general bliss!

In short, avoid unprotected sex, douching, and exclude acidic food from your diet. Practicing good hygiene, and taking your probiotics – is a great place for everyone to start.

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