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How to use Kegel Balls Most Effectively

How to use Kegel Balls Most Effectively

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The history of Kegel balls goes beyond the popularity of ’50 Shades of Grey”. In fact, there is evidence that Kegel Balls, also called Ben Wa balls, have been in use for centuries. Kegel exercises, for the unversed, refers to exercises that help in strengthening pelvic floor muscles. The pelvic floor muscles are responsible for supporting the rectum, uterus, bladder, and small intestine. While you can do Kegel exercises anywhere and anytime, Kegel Balls make these exercises way more effective. This blog is dedicated to everything you wanted to know about 

“Do I really need to do Kegel exercises, or need Kegel balls?”

The short answer is yes. Vaginal muscles can weaken with age and because of other factors, including childbirth. Kegel balls are small-sized weighted balls, which are meant to be inserted into the vagina. Typically, these balls come in pairs, or sets of three, connected by a string with dangles meant to ease removal. 

All Kegel exercises are intended to strengthen the pelvic-floor muscles, which can help with issues such as urinary incontinence. Women often have a hard time understanding how the vaginal muscles, and that’s exactly when Kegel balls can help. These are designed to simplify the exercises and enhance the results. 

Who should consider trying Kegel balls?

You may benefit from Kegel exercises, or using Kegel balls, if you – 

  • Want to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles
  • Want to tighten your vagina after childbirth
  • Have stress related incontinence. 
  • Have general urinary incontinence
  • Have fecal incontinence

3 Kegel Ball exercises worth trying now

  1. Basic Kegels anywhere, anytime: There are all sorts of exercises that can be considered with Kegel Balls, but the simplest one is the one where you tighten and contract pelvic floor muscles. Once your Kegel balls are in place, start tightening or contracting your pelvic floor muscles, which will lift the balls further. Hold on to the contracted muscles for 5 seconds, and relax for the next 5 seconds. If you are new to Kegel exercises, you can always start slow. Do NOT overstress your pelvic floor muscles by trying to hold the balls for too long. 
  2. Easy Squats. Squats is a compound exercise, which also exercises the muscles of your pelvic floor muscles. The key to perfect squats is to push through the heel and engage your thigh, calves, and pelvic floor muscles. If you are using Kegel balls, start with minimum reps, or use a smaller-sized ball.
  3. Glute bridge. The Glute bridge is one of the easiest exercises for your core and buttocks, and it can be done comfortably in a lying position, with your Kegel balls in place. Just go easy with the number of reps, or for the time you hold the bridge. Done right, this can exercise your pelvic floor muscles really well.


Progressing with Kegel Ball exercises

Like mentioned early, Kegel Balls come in different sizes and weights. Start easy and slow, with the lowest weights, to understand the experience better. As you squeeze your pelvic floor muscles, your vagina will grip the balls, and that exercises the muscles. You can use the same muscles, to try and get the Kegel balls further in your vagina, or just move them in the vagina. Once you feel comfortable enough, move to higher weights and bigger sized Kegel balls. Weighted Kegel balls are better for progressing further with your exercises, especially if you want to explore further.  

Grab your own set of Kegel balls now!

To experience Kegel ball effectiveness and results, you need to find a product that’s ideal for your needs. Women in their 30s and after childbirth may benefit more from Kegel balls that are slightly bigger in size. If you are new to Kegel exercises and are just starting out, go for the smaller balls with minimal weight, to minimize stress to the pelvic floor. 


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