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Ten Interesting Condom Facts

Ten Interesting Condom Facts

Interesting Condom Facts

Condoms are safe, and near-perfect for preventing unwanted pregnancies, HIV, and STDs – You know the drill! What you may not know is the fascinating evolution of condoms over the centuries. September 16 is Global Female Condom Day and an ideal occasion to uncover some surprising condom facts.

  1. Condoms date back to 11,000 B.C.
    A few scientists and researchers believe that condoms were in use even back in 11,000 B.C. The oldest condom known was found in Sweden somewhere around 1640. Believe it or not, that surviving condom was made from the intestine of pigs! There is also evidence to prove that Egyptians used condoms made from leather and even bladders of select animals – Eww!
  2. Early condoms were reusable and didn’t cover the entire penis
    Studies show that people before 1600 in China used “oiled silk paper” to cover the penis head. The condom found in Sweden was reusable too. Men in Japan apparently used tortoise shells and animal horns to cover the head of the penis. Did any of that help with birth control? We may never know!
  3. Condoms can have more uses!
    Do not underestimate the strength and use of good condoms. Condoms have been used successfully for carrying water and even as working rubber gloves. The world of crime often relies on these latex cuties to smuggle drugs – Not something we would recommend! Knowing that a condom can help start a fire is quite a relief in the jungle, though!
  4. Latex condoms are relatively new
    If you feel disgusted about using lamb-intestine condoms, remember that latex condoms are just 100 years old. Durex – rather The London Rubber Company – invented the first latex condom, and the rest is history. While some people – men and women alike can be allergic to latex, it remains the foremost choice for various condoms.
  5. Female condoms can increase your pleasureYou can insert a female condom up to 8 hours before sex. Once you have the condom in place, you don’t have to ruin a passionate moment putting the condom on. It is also a common myth that female condoms don’t offer as much pleasure. Used rightly, you are more likely to enjoy your condom experience, given that female condoms can be removed later.
  6. You can use a condom to carry one gallon of liquid!
    No amount of semen is enough to fill a condom! That’s true! Latex condoms are subjected to extreme tests to determine stretch and elasticity. One generic condom can carry as much as one gallon of water or any liquid. Rumor has it that soldiers in wars have used condoms to protect their guns and rifles. You can use a condom to make your slingshot!
  7. Flavored condoms are designed for oral sex!
    A lot of people get this wrong. The vagina doesn’t have tastebuds – Your tongue does. Flavored condoms are made to make oral sex more enjoyable. Of course, there is no dearth of flavors to choose from, including really weird ones such as garlic and weed-flavored condoms. On an important note, you need a condom for safe oral sex more than the taste. The flavor is meant to mask the taste/smell of latex, but the purpose of a condom is to prevent sexually transmitted infections during oral sex.
  8. Condoms allow for pleasurable sex
    Contrary to what many people believe, condoms do not take away the pleasure from sex. Surveys, including a report on Planned Parenthood, show that people who use condoms enjoy sex as much as others who don’t. In fact, ribbed and dotted condoms can ensure clitoral stimulation and wholesome orgasms. Textured condoms are perfect for taking the intercourse experience to the next level.
  9. Condoms can complement sex toys!
    If you are using a vibrator, why would you use a condom? The answer lies in better hygiene. Also, textured condoms can be used on massagers for added pleasure. Using a condom also makes it easier to clean these toys.
  10. Oils can damage condoms
    Don’t be tempted to use a random oil for lubrication while using a condom. Always find a lube designed for use with latex condoms, and avoid anything that sounds unusual like coconut oil, Vaseline, or saliva. Water-based lubricants are safe and easy to use with most latex condoms.

What’s your reason for trying new condoms?

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