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3 Products You Need In Your Bedroom!

3 Products You Need In Your Bedroom!

When we talk about sexy times, the first thought that comes to our mind is safety. But, it’s time we start thinking about the pleasure part. 

Yeah yeah, intimacy & all are great, but have you ever spiced things up & made the room steamy? The thin line between procreation & pleasure is something that must not be ignored, but cherished because you never know when you can go from rocking the king-sized bed to cradling the baby-sized one. There is a great variety of products out there that help enhance pleasure, smooth things up so that things slide in, turn your rising spark into a flaming desire, or just make things comfortable for you by taking away the bothersome vaginal dryness. 

Here are 3 products that you need to have in your bedroom: 

Stimulant Oil: The raging desire burns deep in your heart, the heat of the passion keeps the fruit of your loins warm. But, at times a little external stimulation causes no harm, right? Domina Erotik is a natural arousal oil to wake those sleeping desires from within! Whether you’re flying solo or with company, the oil’s tingling sensation will set you right in the mood. It stimulates and maximises clitoral sensations to help you ace the game, be it foreplay or self-pleasure! Arouse your senses & unleash your desire with the aromatic & arousing Domina Erotik.


Natural Lubricant: Your intimacy with your partner can take many forms. The desire to touch and feel the rush doesn’t look for a specific place, sometimes it’s on the bed, on the table, on the couch, or even in the bathroom! These wet desires take charge of your senses and drive you to push the boundaries and everything else away. But, at times even your urges can run dry, but a little lubrication from Domina’s Raunchy can give the push to the right kinds of things to the right kinds of places. Meant for uninterrupted pleasure, unleash your desire with this natural lubricant gel made especially for those steamy wet sessions. Dryness during intercourse is common, but not getting a fix for it is not. It’s time to get things downright wet & sloppy in the bedroom. Take charge of your desires and indulge in uninterrupted pleasure!



Body Relaxing Oil: It’s good to let yourself loose every once in a while, to just relax after a rough day, indulging in a massage so relaxing, so revitalizing that not only awakens your sense but, also gives your body a fresh jolt of energy! That’s exactly what Domina Evoke is for, this natural body relaxing oil helps relieve anxiety, and stress, & relaxes your mind with its perfect fusion of handpicked ingredients, Olive Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, & Avocado Oil. An enticing addition to your foreplay routine the oil helps you break the ice and add the spice to your relationship! Immerse in a relaxing massage with your partner or amplify the heat right before taking things to the next level.

And lest we forget, use Domina Internal Condoms, the journey for your partner from becoming a daddy to dad depends on how well you use that ‘D’! 😉


The blog is written by Nikhil Malla.

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