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Men, Intimate Hygiene is as Important as Brushing your Teeth

Men, Intimate Hygiene is as Important as Brushing your Teeth

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Interestingly, if you talk about intimate hygiene, there is truckloads of information available online that emphasizes on feminine hygiene and conveniently ignores that it is equally important for men to follow a basic intimate hygiene routine too. Let’s face it, we all love a man who smells good, owns a nail cutter, a beard trimmer, a shampoo and conditioner but when it comes to intimate hygiene, he can’t be a toddler!! Men, it’s time to PUSH that Tush and adopt a basic Intimate hygiene routine right away-


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Product- So let’s get one thing straight- you CANNOT be using your bathing soap to clean your man parts, because it doesn’t work like that. Just like you don’t use soap to shampoo your hair, do you? Intimate hygiene products for men are flooding the market now and they are there for a purpose. The skin on your genital area is a lot more sensitive than let’s say.. your chest! So please treat it well with a gentle Intimate wash which is not loaded with any chemicals or unnecessary fragrances. Lookout for something that is natural and Sulphur free. Intimate powder is another awesome product to keep handy for any jock itches or mild rashes due to heat, it helps you stay dry post workout, swimming or during summer months.

Undergarments- One of the most annoying visual is watching a man scratch his groin area in public. It’s cringeworthy and how! But why do men do it? Is it because of a combination of an ill-fitting underwear and poor grooming that can lead to chaffing due to moisture retention? Solution- An anti-chaffing stick- it relieves itching and burning and soothes the skin. Also, invest in good quality underwears. Make sure they are cotton based or Micro Modal. The fitting should be neither too tight nor too loose, but should feel breathable enough. DO NOT be lazy about washing them and wearing them inside out is the dumbest excuse invented on this planet (eye roll).


Sex- it is all the more important to be aware of your intimate hygiene if you are sexually active. Practicing safe sex with your partner should be an utmost priority in order to avoid STD’s or STI’s. Also make sure you clean your penis before and after the intercourse, oral or anal sex. Bodily fluids tend to build up inside the foreskin are and cause a smelly situation and itching or burning. So, to cut the long story short, if you want a good sex life, you need to be on top of your intimate hygiene game. It is also very important to communicate with your partner if there is any issue that could be hampering the intimacy between you two. After all, this is not a topic that should be brushed under the carpet.

Habit- It all comes down to this! First things first, Spruce up! A bushy situation (may not lead to a bush fire) but close enough. We live in a country where summers are wretched. Because your man parts are always covered, there will always be moisture accumulation due to sweating. If you are regular with trimming yourself (well nobody’s asking for a bikini wax) but clean surroundings will only help you deal better with the itchy scratchy situation. Also, wash your genitals with warm water everyday during shower (did I also mention, please shower everyday?!!) Being the most neglected part, it has a tendency to accumulate gunk over time. A white build up inside the foreskin, called the smegma, can lead to a smelly situation, which you do not want. Simple solution- while showering, gently pull the foreskin back and clean the penis head with an intimate wash and say good bye to the itchy head you once owned!!


If you’re still living under the impression that an ungroomed man is so macho and sexy, well, wake up buddy. The world has moved on and has probably left you behind. The new age man has evolved and does not visit the salon for haircuts only. Pedicure, facials, waxing, massages and spa visits.. you name it, they’ve done it. It’s all about taking care of your body. Poor intimate hygiene happens to be the number one reason for health issues like fungal infections in the groin area and can be quite bothersome if not treated properly. This can also lead to issues in your sexual life because it could be bothering your partner. So, get started with your routine and pay equal importance to your gentilia as much as the other parts of your body. 

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