Eesha Goenka

Eesha is a writer by the day and a reels addict by the night. Hailing from Kolkata, she's a lover of dark chocolate, adrak wali chai and quaint cafes.

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orgasm gap
Beating the Orgasm Gap
Not only are women fighting for equal rights and wages, but women also have to…
Sexual Desire
Dude, Where’s my Libido?
People often say that men only have one thing on their mind. Well, men do…
Female Sexual Response
Sexual Response Cycle
Are female orgasms a myth? Nah. Is sex all about orgasms? No, not really. For…
Sex Positivity
Are you Sex Positive?
You may have heard of pansexual, asexual, transexual and many more such terms. However, a…
how to use a female condom
Anatomy of a Female Condom
Have you ever used a female condom? Did you even know a female condom exists?…