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Are you Sex Positive?

Are you Sex Positive?

Sex Positivity

You may have heard of pansexual, asexual, transexual and many more such terms. However, a term that is valid for all humans who see sex in a positive light is also common. Sex-positive is a term that can be interpreted in many ways. Sex positivity is the idea that all sex is positive when it is consensual and healthy. A sex-positive person is interested in learning more about their own body, other people’s bodies, consent, intimacy, and how to speak about sex issues. It also implies that they are unafraid to embrace and explore their own and others’ sexuality—including sexual activity, gender, sexual identity, and anatomy—in a polite, non-judgmental manner.

Traits of sex-positive people

  • They are always curious and open to know more about sexuality, including their own bodies and their partner’s. They are keen on exploring the physical, emotional and psychological aspects of intimacy. They open up communication lines about sex by starting discussions or asking questions.
  • They recognise the significance of having safe sex for themselves and their partners. Discussing sexual histories, using condoms, and getting tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) like HIV are all examples of safe sex. It can also encompass emotional and psychological safety, such as helping a partner with a history of sexual abuse or sexual dysfunction.
  • They believe that sex is a natural element of life that should be enjoyed. Sex can be addressed without guilt or embarrassment for sex-positive persons. It isn’t a taboo topic.
  • They accept others’ sexual behaviours without moral judgement, as long as the participants consent to it and feel comfortable. Accepting sexual habits that are different from their own, such as having several lovers, participating in threesomes, or indulging in BDSM is an example of this.

Myths about Sex Positivity

  • A lot of people believe that sex positivity is all about having a lot of sex! That’s not true. On the other hand, sex-positive people believe that they don’t always want to have sex, including their partners’ choice.
  • Women are often shamed for talking about sex or finding pleasure in sex. Many believe that the sex positivity movement was launched only for women but that is not true. All genders, non-binary and binary, can be an active part of the movement and be sex-positive.
  • Sex positivity is specific to those who are pro-pornography. Ideally, there are no specifications for being sex-positive. It is a broad term that encompasses all those who focus on safe and consensual sex. A big part of it is also sex education to decrease the taboos around sex in our culture.

Why Should You Be Sex-Positive?

In recent years, the conversation around sex has grown (thanks to social media) and it is increasingly being recognised as a normal part of our daily lives. Not only does sex positivity encourage safe sex, but it also focuses on consent, sex education and reducing sex-shaming for those suffering from sexual abuse or dysfunctions. The core of sex positivity is that every person has a right to make their own choices when it comes to sex.

Raising children in a sex-positive environment is considered healthier. Teenagers who have freely talked sex with their parents are more likely to wait until they are older to seek an active sex life, according to studies. They’re also more inclined to ask their parents if they have any sex-related questions. Teenagers are more likely to participate in safe sex and use birth control appropriately if they grow up in a sex-positive household.

The key goal of sex-positive people is to remove the negative perceptions around sex and encourage a positive discussion about sexuality, sexual preferences and more. Sex positivity can be practised by people of all sexual orientations. Become a part of the sex-positive movement and build a healthy relationship with sex, especially by talking to others around you. Are you sex-positive? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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