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Male Condoms Vs. Female Condoms – Advantages & Disadvantages

Male Condoms Vs. Female Condoms – Advantages & Disadvantages

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Male Condoms Vs. Female Condoms

Barrier methods of birth control, especially condoms, have numerous advantages. Firstly, condoms help avoid unwanted pregnancies and prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) like HIV. Also, if you don’t want to use hormonal contraception methods, which can cause undesirable side effects, condoms are just the perfect alternative. Here’s a look at everything related to male condom vs. female condom.

Quick facts about female condoms

Also called internal condoms, female condoms are placed in the vagina. A female condom is inserted into the vagina in the same way as a tampon, with the outer ring hanging outside for removal. Once you are done, just pull out the condom and discard it as usual. Like male condoms, female condoms cannot be reused.

Advantages of female condoms

  • Female condoms are very easy to use. Just tear the pack, take out the condom and place it inside the vagina. For most first-time users, the experience is a pleasant one. Also, you don’t need a prescription to buy condoms.
  • Unlike male condoms, which must be placed on top of an erect penis during sex, female condoms can be placed inside the vagina up to 8 hours before sex. If you don’t want the condom-wearing experience to kill the mood when you are feeling your best, a female condom is what you need.
  • Women often rely on their partners, especially men, to have a condom. With female condoms, you are in charge. You can use a condom when your partner doesn’t want to wear one. It is more like having precise control on contraception as you prefer.
  • Even if your partner loses an erection, the female condom inside your vagina will stay in place. You can prevent the bodily fluids of your partner from getting inside of you.
  • You don’t need to remove the condom right after sex. If you just want to enjoy the cuddling and that moment after an intense orgasm, a female condom will allow you to experience that.
  • If used aptly, female condoms are up to 95% effective. For a lot of women, hormonal pills and methods of contraception are not ideal options. With female condoms, they are rightly in charge and without any side effects.

Disadvantages of female condoms

Contrary to what a few women think, female condoms are not cumbersome. Also, if you take the debate of female condom vs. male condom, both can slip out of place. Compared to male condoms, female condoms are slightly less effective at preventing pregnancy, but mostly, it has a lot to do with how the condom is used. The only possible downside of a female condom is the availability of just one size, which again is not a bigger issue as it is for men.

Quick facts about male condoms

Male condoms have been around longer and are comparatively cheaper. Male condoms also offer protection against STDs and unwanted pregnancies, and using one is rather easy. If used properly, these condoms are 98% effective. Almost all male condoms are made of latex, polyisoprene, or polyurethane.

Advantages of male condoms

  • Male condoms are probably the cheapest option among barrier contraception methods. There are all sorts of male condoms, including ones that are lubricated, dotted, and ribbed.
  • Textured male condoms can add to the sexual experience of the other partner.
  • Like female condoms, male condoms can be purchased without a prescription and are easy to use. There are limited contraception options for men, and a condom is probably the simplest and most effective option out there.
  • Male condoms do not alter fertility but prevent the exchange of bodily fluids. If you are someone who likes to be “safe” at all times, condoms are just what you need. Buying male condoms is as easy as buying female condoms.
  • There are many flavors and varieties in male condoms for enhanced oral sex. There are also condoms that can help maintain an erection adding to the pleasure by delaying the climax. Male condoms are available for the masses and classes and remain an effective choice for most couples.

Disadvantages of male condoms

  • Most male condoms are made of latex. People who are allergic to latex may not be able to find latex-free alternatives at times. The good news is there are other options made of lambskin, polyisoprene, or polyurethane, but these condoms are usually more expensive.
  • As with female condoms, the success of male condoms depends on how correctly the product is used. Also, since a male condom can only be used after an erection, it can be a “killjoy” at times. In that context, female condoms are better because these can be inserted into the vagina up to 8 hours in advance.
  • Immediately after ejaculation, the male condom must be pulled out, or there is a risk of the semen getting inside the vagina as the penis loses the erection. That could kill the moment right after an orgasm – a concern that can be done away with female condoms. While female condoms need to be removed too, but one doesn’t need to do so immediately.

The debate between female condoms vs. male condoms is more about preference, as both have a few advantages and disadvantages, although advantages always outweigh the concerns. If you are buying female condoms for the first time, ensure that you pick a brand that you can trust. The right condom can make a big difference to the experience.

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