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7 Cool Facts about Internal Condoms

7 Cool Facts about Internal Condoms

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In the world of sex, family planning, and hygiene, internal condoms have not achieved the fame and the success that they were designed to have. Even today, after almost two decades of its launch, internal condoms are not globally accepted by both genders, nor have they been made easily available to the people who wish to try them for its advantages. So, to boost the understanding amongst the public, here are 7 secrets about a female condom that will change your perception about them and make you want to run out to the store and buy one NOW. 


  1. STI’s? No thank you!

Out of all the products which are available in the market today, only an internal condom can protect both men and women from unwanted STIs’ (Sexually Transmitted Infections). It is also the most full-proof method to say bye-bye to unwanted surprises and consuming contraceptives pills. So, if you are concerned about HIV, STIs, and pregnancies, female condoms are the way to go, giving you complete protection from conceptions. 


  1. It’s a YES from men too!

You need two to tango! Just like it is you who reminds your partner to wear a condom, it is a must for your partner to accept and approve the fact that his partner wear’s a female condom. Internal condoms are not tight, they can be easily worn in the vagina and don’t have a chance of leaking or breaking.


  1. Pleasure Booster 

This, by far, is one of the most interesting secrets about a internal condom. The condom, unlike a male condom, need not be worn post arousal. You can wear it before sex and simply stay away from the last-minute condom drama. It is also made out of a heat-transmitting material that makes you feel natural, compared to latex male condoms. And lastly, you don’t have to hurry to remove it like male condoms. 


  1. Variety! Variety!

If you think internal condoms are a rare product, don’t be fooled. This product is easily available in the market and that too in many varieties. You can check out latex-free internal condoms or even hormone-free options to enjoy your sexual experiences to the max. These products are available in almost 130 countries across the world and are highly researched for the absolute best results.


  1. Economical & Protective

In comparison to male condoms, internal condoms are believed to be expensive. True! However, when it comes to complete protection against STD’s and unwanted pregnancies and abortions, an internal condom gives you 95% protection. This product has been found to be extremely cost-effective in almost 11 countries across the world.


  1. Global Female Condom Day

Celebrating the success of internal condoms, the National Female condom Coalition, PATH, The Universal Access to Female Condoms Joint Programme, as well as the Centre for Health and Gender Equity proudly launched the Global Female Condom Day in the year 2012. 16th September is universally celebrated as Female Condom Day!!

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