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10 Tips on How to Use a Condom the Right Way!

10 Tips on How to Use a Condom the Right Way!

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We all know that condom is an essential commodity when it comes to practicing safe sex. It keeps us safe from catching various kinds of sexually transmitted diseases/ infections (STD/STI) such as- Chlamydia, Genital herpes, Gonorrhea, HIV/AIDS, HPV, Pubic lice, Syphilis and Trichomoniasis. Condoms also keep unwanted pregnancies at bay. Needless to say, condoms should be definitely used to keep you and your partner safe to enjoy a hassle free and healthy sex life.


For your safety, always keep a condom in your pocket and know how to use it properly. Here are 10 tips that may sound straightforward, but when it comes to using condoms for your safety, it makes no sense beating around the bush. 


  1. Use a fresh condom every time you have sexual intercourse.
  2. For an uncircumcised penis, pull back the foreskin and then put the condom on.
  3. Put the condom on only after the penis is hard and before you come in contact with your partner’s sexual parts.
  4. In case your condom does not have the reservoir tip, make sure to pinch the tip carefully and then leave about half an inch space for the semen to fill into it.
  5. When pinching the tip of the condom, make sure you place the condom against the skin of your penis and then unravel it all the way to the base of the penis. To make the application process easier add some lubricant on the outside.
  6. This may happen in the rarest of cases, but in case you feel that the condom is about to break, stop and pull out of your partner. Wear a new condom and only then continue ahead. This may dampen the mood, but this will save your partner from an unwanted pregnancy or even an STD.
  7. After intercourse and ejaculation has taken place, grip the rim of the condom and carefully pull it off from your partner before the penis becomes flaccid.
  8. While removing the used condom, make sure you pull it out gently, making sure that the semen doesn’t spill out of it.
  9. Take a tissue and wrap the used condom in it. Put the wrapped condom in the trash where it cannot come in contact with other people. Remember, Don’t Flush it. A used condom left open in the toilet may lead to sewage problems.
  10. In case you have had alcohol or any other form of drug which can affect your judgment, remember to keep a condom nearby or wait till the intoxication wears off before having sex.


How to increase protection while using condoms?

  1. Choose the condom you feel most comfortable with, something tried and tested can never go wrong.
  2. Store the condoms carefully to avoid exposure to dust and other particles.
  3. For every sexual encounter, remember to use a new condom.
  4. Use the condom in the right manner, from beginning to end. 


Now that you know about these important tips on how to use a condom, make sure you follow them for a safe sexual experience.


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