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Less Pain, More Pleasure: The Journey from Ouch to Oh Yeah!

Less Pain, More Pleasure: The Journey from Ouch to Oh Yeah!

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Painful Sex

Erotic books and intricate BDSM contents have altered ideas of sexual pleasure forever. Sex is supposed to feel ecstatic, but painful intercourse is a real phenomenon. While some causes are beyond our ordinary control, the journey from Ouch to Oh, Yeah! doesn’t have to be complicated. Here’s how you can make sex more pleasurable!

Focus on foreplay

Once in a while, you can just get into the act, especially when you have the opportunity but very little time. These quick adventures add fun to your sex life. However, do not underestimate the power of foreplay. Even if you are too much in love or find your partner hot enough to swing into action, always start with some foreplay, which can prepare your body for the upcoming action. Foreplay enables a woman’s vagina to expand because of the aroused senses, which reduces the pain during intercourse! Think of kissing, cuddling naked, dry humping, or talking nasty with your partner – Foreplay is not one thing.

Keep up the lubrication and moisture

Vaginal dryness is rather common and could be related to many factors, including the use of oral contraceptives, antidepressants, and other medications. There’s one easy and quick fix for vaginal dryness – a good lubricant. Consider water-based lubricants that are usually safe and can be used while using latex condoms, including female condoms. The contents of water-based lubricant don’t usually irritate the vagina and are ideal for regular use. Intimate creams are equally useful, and many of these formulations are designed to counter vaginal dryness in particular.

Explore your anatomy with a personal massager

If you are new to sex, you must explore your anatomy to understand sexual pleasure. Female masturbation is tremendously underrated. Knowing your body will help you enjoy vaginal penetration, and there’s no better way to start than using a personal massager. There are numerous self-pleasure tools out there, but a massager is one of the few options that work for beginners and experienced users alike. A wand massager can help you find more about the source of the pain, and you can work on your sex moves accordingly. Just pick a product that’s safe, reliable, and easy to clean.

Don’t stress too much about orgasms

Sexual pleasure is often misunderstood. If you can get an orgasm, nothing like it. If you don’t, it’s still okay if you enjoyed the experience. Pain is often related to aggressive or rough penetration. You don’t have to experience sex in a certain way to feel an orgasm. In fact, go easy and slow with the action and let the arousal take over. If you enjoy the intimacy, you are less likely to feel pain.

Try the easy positions

You don’t have to master all the sex positions of the Kamasutra! Go easy with experimentation, especially if you are new to vaginal penetration. Some sex positions, such as the missionary and the cow girl, are likely to cause less pain. The golden “69” can also help both partners explore the best of intimacy without any discomfort or pain. First-timers should particularly focus on the easy ways to get in!

Use a pillow

The pillow could be a great accessory for painless sex! Just tuck it under your pelvis, this should add to comfort during sex. The pillow can elevate your pelvic area, especially the vagina, reducing the stress of getting the penetration right.

Create a sex-positive environment

Your body and mind need to be aligned and feel comfortable as you discover the beauty of intimacy. The ambiance of the room and the overall environment are critical components for pleasurable sex. Relaxation may mean different things to different people, but keep the room clean, free of clutter, and if you have the option, try soft lighting and scented candles.

Be honest with your partner

Intimacy is a personal experience. If you don’t like something, let your partner know. Just because sex was painful once doesn’t mean you stop discussing the topic. Our bodies are unique in many ways, and it is rather unfair to expect our partners to know it all. Share what you want and give your feedback each time your partner does something right!

Get between the sheets – It’s time for orgasmic and effortless sex! Take it easy, and keep the right products next to your bedside.

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