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Facts About Female Condoms That Will Make You Switch

Facts About Female Condoms That Will Make You Switch

Did you know that the FDA approved the sale of female condoms in the US back in 1993? But after almost three decades, the product is yet to gain popularity in India. There are facts about female condoms that will make you switch to them immediately!

Sadly, there’s a lack of awareness – not only about its usage and advantages but also its very existence! They help women take charge of their own pleasure and safety. Let’s find out more about female condoms today so that you can make an informed decision.

Facts About Female Condoms That Will Make You Switch

When we hear of the word “condom”, we tend to think that it’s only men who can use them. For women, oral contraceptives are the go-to tool for protection – and they are ineffective against STDs. The following facts about female condoms will convince you to make the right choice.

a) They are highly effective against STDs

While studies about the effectiveness of female condoms are still underway, research shows that they can be highly effective against sexually transmitted diseases. It creates a protective sheath over the vagina, vulva, and cervix. With correct and consistent use, it is 95% effective.

Interestingly, female condoms do not depend on erection to be used effectively. This means it protects you from diseases and infections that may be transmitted through pre-ejaculation. It also prevents small virus particles like hepatitis B from passing – and doesn’t break or tear.

b) They can cater to women looking to prevent pregnancy

According to a study, more than 200 million women in developing countries like India are in desperate need to prevent pregnancy. But they do not have access to proper contraceptives and healthcare. Female condoms shift control over their reproductive health to such women.

It’s understandable if you don’t like to use contraceptives like pills, injections, or rings, which are loaded with hormones. Many women also avoid non-hormonal UIDs to avoid the pain of insertion and menstrual cramps. Female condoms can change the lives of such women.

c) They help boost sexual pleasure

Users agree that female condoms help with prolonged pleasure and extended intimacy. One of the reasons is purely psychological. When women are in control of their wellness and safety, sexual intimacy doesn’t bring stress. They can enjoy the moment if they’re only focused on pleasure.

Another advantage is that since they don’t require an erection for insertion, you can insert it before sex, which means your foreplay can go on without interruption. Plus, you don’t need to remove it right after sex. Thus, you and your partner can cuddle and enjoy pillow talks.

d) Men like them, too!

Many men hate using male condoms because the item feels tight around the penis. Plus, some of the male condoms are designed to ensure that men can last longer. These types of condoms contain benzocaine, which can lead to a numbing sensation to inhibit premature ejaculation.

With female condoms, there’s no such issue, and men can have a more relaxed experience. Plus, they appreciate that they don’t need to stop and put on condoms. They also enjoy the idea of shared responsibility when it comes to protection against STDs and unwanted pregnancy.

e) They are empowering and trustworthy

Surveys show the acceptability of female condoms among women living in urban India is on the rise. In other words, more and more women are choosing to trust female condoms. That’s because they like the idea of taking charge of their own sexual and reproductive wellbeing.

Physical pleasure is no longer a taboo for Indian women. They also find it empowering to be in charge of protection, instead of putting the responsibility on partners. Urban women prefer to put their faith in female condoms as the tool that gives them the freedom to choose their own safety.

Female Condoms Pros and Cons

Are you already convinced after reading the facts about female condoms? Before making your first purchase, you should have a complete picture. Take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of using female condoms.

Female Condoms Advantages

  • They provide double protection against STDs and protection.
  • They protect you against infections in the pre-ejaculation phase.
  • They cover the outer parts of the female genitals to reduce warts or herpes.
  • They don’t cause the side effects that other forms of contraceptives do.
  • You can use them even while you are menstruating.
  • They can be used during anal sex to prevent STIs.

Female Condoms Disadvantages

  • You must use them properly for effectiveness and prevent tearing.
  • Their popularity and availability are not as high as male condoms.
  • You may hear some rustling if you don’t use a water-based lube.

Female condoms are gaining popularity in India, thanks to brands like Domina that aim to make sexual and reproductive wellness accessible to women. So, stop depending on your partner or uncomfortable contraceptives. Instead, choose Domina female condoms and take your safety and freedom into your own hands!

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