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Can You Use Condoms and Lubricant Together?

Can You Use Condoms and Lubricant Together?

Condoms and Lubricant

Ask a woman about lubricant, and she’ll likely vouch for how it enhances her sexual experience. At the same time, women also prioritise safety from unwanted pregnancies or STDs. But the big question is, can you use condoms and lubricant together without sacrificing pleasure?

Safe sex has a pleasure of its own. When your mind is stress-free, you can focus on physical intimacy. Plus, there are dotted and ribbed male condoms for added fun and female condoms for uninterrupted intimacy. Does lube pair well with condoms to increase satisfaction?

The answer depends on the kind of condom and lube you use. Keep reading to know more.

Can You Use Condoms and Lubricants Together?

The idea of using condoms and lubricant together certainly sounds tempting. But is it safe to do so? The answer is a resounding “yes” – but there is a catch. While water-based lubes are the safest and most versatile, be careful while combining condoms and lubes of other materials.

There are different types of condoms and lubricants – and you must know how to pair them. Here’s a list that will help you.

a) Latex Condoms

The most popular condoms are made of latex. If you want to pair them with lube, only use water-based lubricants. Oil-based lubes like baby oil are a strict no-no. Oil deteriorates latex condoms, causing them to break and expose you to the risks of pregnancy and infections.

b) Polyisoprene Condoms

Many people prefer non-latex condoms due to allergies or to enjoy their stretchy quality. Such users often go with items made of polyisoprene, a material that also reacts with oil. To prevent breakage caused by oil-based lubes, only use lubricants with a base of water or silicone.

c) Polyurethane Condoms

Polyurethane is an excellent material for a condom if you want to pair it with any kind of lubricant. This material can handle all the commonly-used bases like water, silicone, and even oil. However, the protective properties of this synthetic material are slightly less effective.

There are three types of lubricants:

  • Water-based lubricants
  • Silicone-based lubricants
  • Oil-based lubricants

Of these, water-based lubricants are the safest and the most versatile and hence considered the best. They are non-irritating, and they don’t cause condoms of any material to deteriorate or tear. To stay safe from infections, it is best to avoid lubes with glycerin or warming lubes.

Why Use Lubricants

It is known that lubricants can help to improve the pleasure of physical intimacy. But how does it work – and when should you use it? In the state of arousal, a woman’s body produces a natural lubricant. It reduces friction and makes sex more comfortable and also more enjoyable.

However, every woman’s body is different. Sometimes, your body fails to produce sufficient lubricant naturally due to stress, hormonal issues, medication, etc. It may happen even if you’re aroused. But without a lack of lubrication, you may feel discomfort and pain during sex.

Why Use Condoms and Lubricant Together

You may wonder why you should use condoms and lube together. After all, most condoms, both male and female, are lubricated. Lubes, available in the form of lotion, gel, cream, or liquid, can add to the benefits of lubricated condoms, making sexual intimacy more pleasurable and safe.

Reasons to use condoms and lubricant together include:

a) For Smooth Sex

Lubricant is a slippery substance that reduces friction and makes penetration smooth. If you pair lubricant and condoms, each stroke will feel even smoother, more natural, and pleasurable.

b) For Safe Sex

Since lube reduces friction, it will ensure that the condom does not break. It also prevents the vagina from tearing, and thus, it will lower pain, discomfort, and the risk of developing infections.

c) For Anal Sex

The anus does not produce lubricants naturally, and the canal is also narrow. So lube is a must. But always remember to pair it with a condom during anal sex to keep away the risks of STDs.

Why Use Lubricant with Female Condoms

Using female condoms is gradually becoming popular among women in developing countries like India, where more than 200 million don’t have proper access to contraception. That’s why women now want to choose their own sexual safety and birth control in their own hands.

For higher effectiveness, it is essential to use female condoms properly. They are also called internal condoms, as you have to put them inside the vagina or anus before intercourse. This can be uncomfortable initially. But using lubricant can help make the process of insertion easy.

Sometimes, while using female condoms, it may be possible for the penetration to occur in the gap between the condom and the vaginal wall. Using a lubricant will prevent this by making the condom stick to the walls inside the vagina. It will also reduce any rustling noise during sex.

Using condoms and lubricant together will not only make intercourse smooth, easy and more pleasurable but also make vaginal and anal sex safer. It’s a good idea to pair lubricant with a safe internal condom like Domina female condoms if you want to be responsible for your own safety.

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