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Weird Sex-Related Myths Busted!

Weird Sex-Related Myths Busted!

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Have your reservations been talking about “the birds and the bees”? You are not alone! People often have a hard time talking about sexual experiences, preferences, and choices. While experiences and opinions are personal, pop culture often gets the facts wrong. This post is all about busting sex-related myths!

Myth 1: Women need a bigger penis to get an orgasm!

Busted: Just like vaginas, penises can vary in appearance, size, and shape. Women often wrongly assume that a bigger penis guarantees orgasm, which is absolutely untrue. You may get an orgasm even with the right full-body massager or vibrator! Regardless of the gender and size/she of respective genitals, compatibility is the key to good sex!

Myth 2: Sex should be tiring/painful

Busted: You may feel exhausted after an incredible orgasm, but sex doesn’t have to be tiring or painful in general. Even when you are experiencing intercourse for the first time, there shouldn’t be excruciating pain. Let your partner know about anything that you are not comfortable with. Communication is the key to good sex!

Myth 3: Masturbation is harmful for women

Busted: Masturbation is not a right reserved for men! Masturbation is completely healthy, safe, and can be a regular part of your sexual activity list. You have the right to explore your body if that’s what you wish for. Masturbating will not cause diseases or make you any less attractive!

Myth 4: You cannot feel pleasure with condoms

Busted: There are all kinds of condoms in the market, including flavors that are truly bizarre. If you don’t want your man to wear a condom, you can wear one. Female condoms are great for pleasure and are as safe against unwanted pregnancies and STIs.

Myth 5: Sex without orgasm doesn’t feel good

Busted: For many women, orgasm has nothing to do with penetration. In fact, surveys indicate that majority of women experience orgasm from clitoral stimulation. Having said that, it is essential to talk to your partner about what you like and appreciate. Orgasm can be all about foreplay too.

Myth 6: Only gay men have anal sex

Busted: Sex feels better when two people are open to experimentation on the bed. Consent is the word to watch here. If you want to experience anal sex, talk to your partner and seek their consent. You can also explore anal sex with sex toys, such as butt plugs and vibrators. In short, anal sex is as okay as regular sex, although many couples have their inhibitions.

Myth 7: Sex toys are bad for your relationship/marriage

Busted: This myth is so pervasive that people often shy away from trying sex toys. Sex toys will NOT ruin the pleasure of real sex. Moderation is the key here. It is entirely okay to try a toy with your partner, as long as you both feel comfortable. Unless you are using sex toys excessively, there is no adverse effect on vaginal pleasure either.

Finally, sex is not the same as what you see in pornography. Open up to the idea of exploring new things, practice safe sex, and always seek consent from the other person!

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